Fast & Reliable Fiber Internet Straight To Your Home

Upstate Fiber Networks embraces the latest technology and delivers FASTER internet speeds straight to your home!

Elite Streaming

250mbps x 250mbps


Enough Speed for ALL Your Devices & Streaming Needs

Phone & Internet bundles available.

The Ultimate Gig

1G x 1G


Stream, Game, and Run Your Smart Devices All at Once

Phone & Internet bundles available.

The Ultimate Wifi Experience

It’s a revolutionary personalized service providing safe, fast, reliable internet that covers your whole home. Managed from the UFN Smart Home App and powered by the UFN GigaSpire WiFi 6 Router, you won’t want to miss this Wi-Fi Experience!

Benefits of Fiber Internet with Upstate Fiber Networks

Upstate Fiber Networks - Gigabit Speeds

Gigabit Speeds

The fastest internet speeds in the area with a reliable network.

Upstate Fiber Networks - Bandwidth

More Bandwidth

No more buffering when streaming on your favorite devices.

Upstate Fiber Networks - Free Installation

Free Installation

Complimentary with all our packages!
* Terms & Conditions Apply

Upstate Fiber Networks - Local Business

Local Business

Partner with your local telephone company instead of those “other guys”.

Upstate Fiber Networks - Add Value to Your Home

Add Value to Your Home

A fiber internet connection is one of the most sought after home necessities in today’s world.

Upstate Fiber Networks - Support

Local World-Class Support

No matter when or where you have an issue or a question, our team of local experts is here to turn the “geek-speak” of the internet into plain English.